Customised Total Knee Replacement

Mr Stuart Roy is one of the founding partners of Cardiff Sports Orthopaedics and one of only two surgeons who currently offer customised knee replacements in Wales.  Mr Roy specialises in iTotal, iDuo and iUni implants and his iDuo results are published in a peer reviewed journal.  He also presented his iDuo findings at the ConforMIS meeting in February 2019 at Wembley. 

The ConforMIS custom knee replacement has been introduced to allow patients to have a knee replacement manufactured to fit their individual anatomy.  Please find information below on these implants. 

 Personalised knee implant pros


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Conformis Knee implant brochure

 ConforMIS 'It's your knee' Brochure (3 MB)

Conformis Knee implant

ConforMIS - 'iFit Image to Implant' video.

Patient experience of iTotal

 ConforMIS real life patient experience

For a consultation please contact our team on 08445 617152.