Patient Feedback

At Cardiff Sports Orthopaedics we believe in constantly improving the service we give to our patients. All patients on discharge are contacted where possible to provide feedback on the services we provide.

If you have been contacted to provide feedback please follow the link below.



1. Please rate how satisfied you were with the overall service you received from Cardiff Sports Orthopaedics. (96% very satisfied or satisfied)

Overall Service

2. How satisfied were you with the performance of the doctor you saw at Cardiff Sports Orthopaedics? (100% very satisfied or satisfied)

 Doctor Performance

3. If as a part of your treatment under Cardiff Sports Orthopaedics  you were admitted to hospital please rate how satisfied you were with the hospital care that you received (93% very satisfied or satisfied)


4. How did you rate the process of accessing the doctor eg. booking your appointment, finding the clinic, manner of receptionists etc? (100% very satisfied or satisfied)


With regards to the medical issue that you presented with which one of the following best describes your current situation? (92% condition resolved or resolving)

 Treatment Success